Volunteering in a Green Party election

Ron Chambers writing at a campaign meetingfirst a brief introduction. i am the canvassing coordinator for Charles Battershill in the upcoming federal election. Charles is part of the Elizabeth May Green Party Team and my job is figuring out where our supporters are and ensure they hear from us during the campaign.

we know we have support in Toronto-Danforth we just need to make sure we get to you and give you the best opportunity to make your vote count.

as a start we need to get those of you who want to help out in a very direct way the opportunity to volunteer in the campaign. every campaign needs the help of lots of enthusiastic campaign workers. as a first step we need people to help us spread the message during the campaign and help us out by letting us know early that you want to be part of the campaign. the best way to do that is to let us know who you are and what you might want to do, like any election we need people to do the very basic and very, very important jobs of going door to door, making telephone calls and putting up signs.

first things first though, first we need to know who you are, then later you can think about helping us out in the campaign. so if you want to have us contact you about the campaign or just about the Toronto-Danforth Greens generally you can fill out a contact form on our main page.

if you have questions about what election jobs might involve and how much time you can put in i can give you some fairly good idea what we think.

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