Vote for the Internet campaign

pro-internet candidateToday I signed up to be a pro-Internet candidate at is a network of organizations and individuals that has initiated a campaign, “Vote for the Internet,” to stop the pay meter on our Internet and increase broadband access, competition, transparency, and choice.

I support the goal of increased access to broadband Internet, a competitive market, transparency, and choice.  However, given the threat of international companies swamping the field, I would also work to ensure that Canadian jobs are protected.

“The Greens are proud to be the first party to announce support for OpenMedia’s  proposition,” said Green Party leader Elizabeth May. “The internet is critical for modern day citizen engagement and an integral part of our economic competitiveness. The Greens pledge to adhere to OpenMedia’s Stop the Meter campaign on Internet access. We are committed to enhancing broadband access, competition, transparency and choice.”

“A vote for the Greens is also a vote in support of open and democratic Internet access in Canada” said Emma Jane Hogbin, the Green Party Science and Technology critic. “Vote Green – vote for the internet.”

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