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2006 election

In the 2006 federal election, here in Toronto-Danforth, Al Hart won 7.1% of the vote — making this the Greenest riding in the Toronto area.

The campaign is over, but our work is just starting. Please contact us if you would like to participate.

Al Hart

Black and white headshot of Al HartAl Hart is the Green Party candidate for the Toronto-Danforth riding.

Al, a local lawyer, has lived within the riding for 16 years and is following a life-long dream by putting his name forward as a candidate.

At the nomination meeting, he set out three issues that are priorities for him:

  1. Improving the environment and economy for ourselves and our children.
  2. Enabling people to actively promote their own health.
  3. Rebuilding trust in government and politicians.

Read more about Al Hart, the Green choice for Toronto-Danforth.


Read about Al Hart in the news:

Archived press release

December 29, 2005 15:13 ET

Green Party Candidate Offers Informed Solutions to Gang Violence

Attention: City Editor, Media Editor, News Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO–(CCNMatthews – Dec. 29, 2005) – TORONTO The recent flurry of gang-related shootings requires a sober but urgent response says Al Hart, the Green Party candidate for Toronto-Danforth. Mr. Hart has direct experience with gang-related crime both as defence counsel and Crown Attorney. His work on one of the original gang-busting projects in Toronto gives him an insider’s perspective both on what the problems really are, and what the solution has to be.

“Random shooting of innocent victims seems to be peculiar to this city”, Hart says. “Toronto police have been successful in breaking up the more established street gangs. But now the guns are in the hands of younger, undisciplined crews, clearly influenced by gangster-glorifying music videos and unconcerned with the fundamental conventions of society.”

Mr. Hart believes that the many of the ideas expressed by the other parties – such as the ban on handguns proposed by Paul Martin – may be well-intentioned but still miss the mark. “This is an emergency, requiring an immediate, forceful and well-resourced intervention”, he says. “More police on the ground can only be part of the solution. Dedicated gang-busting projects require extensive – and very expensive – surveillance and wiretapping activities, and draw on criminological expertise from across North America.”

Mr. Hart noted how governmental inaction on pollution parallels its approach to the crime problem. “In both cases, nothing happened until public safety was compromised. The cross-border contacts between Toronto and U.S. gangs makes this a federal issue, and the lack of a long-term strategy has resulted in the current crisis. The federal government must show leadership in supplying the needed financial and human resources, while also addressing the root causes of gang violence – poverty, unemployment, and substance abuse.”

/For further information: Rebecca Smit
Media Relations
Al Hart Campaign
Green Party of Canada, Toronto-Danforth

2005 Dec 22: Fundraising concert at the Renaissance Cafe

On Thursday, 2005 December 22, folk songwriter and recording artist Brian Gladstone hosted a fundraising concert for the Toronto–Danforth and Beaches East York ridings. The venue was the Renaissance Cafe, 1938 Danforth Ave.

Performers included Brian himself, as well as co-host David Newland, Christine Donovan, Damon Hines, David McLachlan, D Lafortune Brown, Norman Cristofoli, Marianne Girard, Honey Novick, Laura Ranieri, Linda Saslove, Sean Peever, Steve Raiken, Martin Gladstone, Uncle Seth, and many more.

The Green Party vision

[This document was published as an appendix to Jim Harris’s We Can letter during the 2006 federal election.]

As the new kid on the block, we appreciate that many Canadians want to know more about the Green Party of Canada, who we are and what we stand for. It’s difficult to stick old-style political labels on us, because we’re neither a party of the left nor a party of the right. For us, good ideas are simply good ideas. So, who is the Green Party?      Read more »

Where we stand — message from Green Party of Canada leader Jim Harris

In the 2004 federal election, the Green Party of Canada changed the face of Canadian politics. For the first time, Canadians were introduced to the Green Party’s way of doing politics.     Read more »