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Water and leadership

Adriana talks about the importance of water, the environment and strong leadership on these issues.

2010 Jul 28: Information meeting on planned Ashbridges Bay streetcar yard

Here’s the full public notice for the next public meeting the TTC is holding in regards to the planned Ashbridges Bay LRV storage and maintenance facility and the Leslie Street connecting track.

TTC Public Information Meeting on LRV Plans
Wednesday, 2010 July 28, 6:30 pm – 9 pm
Toronto EMS and Fire Academy, 895 Eastern Ave

From the notice: “The meeting will address impacts and mitigation measures for such issues as the removal of contaminated soil, noise and vibration levels and traffic associated with this project.”

The city’s goofy transit plan

A few days ago, I attended the meeting about the new streetcar yards at Leslie and Lakeshore and the route the new cars are expected to take.  As with most public consultations these days, the format was pre-determined to minimize disruption, opposition and effective input.  It’s a veneer of public accountability masking a process that’s alienating and distant.     Read more »

Streetcar troubles

Public Consultations into the New Streetcar Yards at Leslie/Lakeshore
Thursday, 2010 April 8, 6:30-9pm
Fire Academy, 895 Eastern Ave

On Tuesday, March 9, I was invited to help out and listen in to a meeting where Leslieville residents got together to begin forming an association.  The issue that galvanized the community into action was the proposed new streetcar yards at Leslie and Lakeshore on the Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant site.  It was a packed hall and strong opinions were voiced from many angles.

The plan is to have almost 100 streetcars leave the new site every morning between 5 and 7 am and slowly spread throughout the city, way up to St. Clair, downtown to King Street, and all along Queen, College/Carlton/Gerrard, Dundas, Spadina and so on.  The Connaught and Roncesvalles yards will also be maintained, though the Connaught yards will have to be changed to accommodate the new design.  The streetcars will be four times the length of the current non-articulated models, or double the length of the articulated designs on the street today.     Read more »

2009 Jun 16: Portlands under threat, again

Once again the Portlands are being threatened with being used as a dumping ground for unwanted development.  This time, the TTC wants to use them as yards for sleeping streetcars as they expand their fleet.       Read more »

2008 Aug 19: Wading Deeper: The future of deep lake water cooling

Tuesday, 2008 August 19, 7 pm
Ralph Thornton Centre

765 Queen St East (east of Broadview)
Free; refreshments provided

A free public forum on the future of Deep Lake Water Cooling and its potential to further reduce Toronto’s energy use,      Read more »

2008 Aug 14: Power down for Blackout Day

The symbol for Blackout DayPower Down for Blackout Day
Thursday, 2008 August 14, all day

Five years ago, August 14th, Ontario and much of eastern North America was plunged into a blackout that lasted several days.  In that time of crisis, some beautiful things happened:

  • we saw the stars, like never before
  • people organized barbecues and street parties
  • we rediscovered the importance of conservation

    Read more »

Isn’t it lovely when we all play nice?

Here’s the latest report on the Portlands Energy Centre’s Community Liaison Committee:

Energy centre’s regrouped citizen committee has distinctly different vibe     Read more »

Watch your gas

The National Energy Board has recently announced that natural gas deliverability will drop in Canada by 7-15% over the next 2 years.  As always they are eternally hopeful for the future.

This opens up the question of what Premier McGuinty is thinking as he builds up natural gas power plants across the province.  Power plants like the Portlands Energy Centre could contribute to a growing threat to our ability to heat our homes in the future.

2007 Sep 29: Power to Choose at U of T

Power to Choose logoThere will be two follow-ups to the original Power to Choose forum.  One will be in Ottawa on Friday and the other will be here in Toronto this Saturday:

Power to Choose
Public consultation on Ontario’s Energy Plan
Saturday, 2007 September 29, 9 am – 5 pm
OISE Rm 4-414, 252 Bloor St W (at St. George TTC)

Come for all or part of this free all-day event.

Contact Paul York for details about the event.  If you’d like to make a presentation, you can email Adriana.

If you can’t attend, you can still make your views known using the online survey form.

Greens have never supported any Portlands power plant

I’ve been approached by several people recently with stories about what Peter Tabuns said at the all-candidates debate on Tuesday night.  While I wasn’t there to hear exactly what was said, it is clear that something he said gave people the impression that the Greens supported a power plant on the Portlands.  This impression is false.     Read more »

Wind energy — Is the price too high?

This video from the Daily Show shows why it’s important to get our electricity by splitting atoms and setting things on fire.

Video requires Flash; no longer available.

The PEC threat

The Portlands Energy Centre is rapidly rising on the waterfront.  It is already an eyesore.  The question now is if it will operate and how often.  Torontonians are going to have to be a lot more vocal and active if they don’t want another power plant belching emissions into our overburdened airshed.     Read more »

PEC committee walkout / transmission line woes

The Portlands Energy Centre Community Liaison Committee effectively fell apart because the PEC representatives never allowed it to have any impact on the things they promised to do.     Read more »

All-in-one update from a sicko

I’ve been trying to get my house in order after burning myself out on Power to Choose, but I’m pretty worn out and prone to feeling ill instead. There is also still a lot of follow-up work with Power to Choose, including fora in other locations and editing and compiling the information gathered. And soon we’re about to announce another nomination meeting.

But I wanted to let everyone know the highlights from last week. I’m going to do a special entry about the Pride Parade, which I wish I would have written about a long time ago. I also want a special entry about the Portlands Energy Centre CLC walkout. Here’s the rest of the news:     Read more »