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2006 Nov 29: National GreenBuilding conference

It looks like this is more of an event for builders than consumers:

Following the successful launch of the National GreenBuilding Conference … in Ottawa, the focus on reducing a building’s environmental impact will be continued at the 18th Annual Construct Canada, PM Expo, HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo, DesignTrends, and Concrete Canada — Canada’s largest and most important design and construction event…

The National GreenBuilding Conference and will focus on all aspects of green design, construction, retrofit, and maintenance leading to high performance buildings, and will examine best practices and project delivery models that result in more efficient methods of designing sustainability into any project.

National GreenBuilding conference
Wed – Fri, 2006 November 29 – December 1
Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building

2006 Nov 27: Straw bale & sustainable building

This is an event put on by the Toronto Green Community:

Are you concerned about rising energy costs, environmental degradation and the health effects of sick buildings? There are affordable, attainable and local solutions to these problems. Come join us to hear author and teacher Chris Magwood discuss “Straw Bale and Sustainable Building Strategies” and how and why these have been implemented across Ontario.

Straw Bale and Sustainable Building Strategies
Monday, 2006 November 27, 7:00 pm
Northern District Library building
40 Orchard View Blvd, room 224

(west off Yonge, just north of Eglinton)
RSVP: or 416-781-7663

Climate change and the coming energy crisis

The human race is facing twin threats: too much carbon in the air causing global warming and too little carbon in the ground causing the end of cheap oil.

Unfortunately, analysts addressing climate and energy issues are not necessarily the same people, nor do they always priorize solutions in the same way. These conversations will offer several perspectives about both problems.

Science for Peace and Peace Magazine are sponsoring a three-part public forum on the topics of global warming and peak oil at U of T.

Climate Change and the Coming Energy Crisis

For more information, email Metta Spencer or call 416-789-2294.

2006 Dec 1: An Inconvenient Truth

As part of the three-part public forum Climate Change and the Coming Energy Crisis, there will be a free screening of Al Gore’s film:

An Inconvenient Truth
2006 December 1, 1:00-2:45 pm
Medical Sciences Building, room 2172
1 King’s College Circle, University of Toronto

This will be followed by another event, a panel discussion Predicting Looming Threats to Humankind from Climate Change and Energy Shortage.

2006 Dec 1: Predicting looming threats to humankind from climate change and energy shortage

As part of the three-part public forum Climate Change and the Coming Energy Crisis, there will be a panel discussion of how we’re simultaneously running out of carbon in the ground and putting way too much of it in the atmosphere:     Read more »