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Doomsday clock now 5 minutes to midnight

Doomsday Clock shows five minutes to midnightThe Doomsday Clock just moved up 2 minutes closer to midnight, and for the first time, part of the reason was global warming, in addition to the threat of nuclear holocaust.  So let’s pause and think about that as we hear Prime Minister Harper plan on investing in “clean energy technology” to address climate change, with funding for such delights as squeeky clean nuclear power.

Portlands Solar Park

Ted Gruetzner, the public relations man for the PEC, wrote me a lovely note just as he was announcing the solar research park that’s been so bandied about in the last few days.  He told me that I had been instrumental in making this happen as he had met the solar researcher, Nazir Kherani, at a seminar I organized in May of 2006.

I like Nazir.  His research is critically important and I’m delighted that he has a place to do it.  I’m not so delighted if this somehow greenwashes the PEC, which remains an expensive and environmentally reckless approach to a problem we shouldn’t have.  Our emissions should be going down.  Our demand should be going down.     Read more »

Sign the CYCC petition on climate change

Today’s kids are fixing the mess their elders and leaders have left them.  Let’s help them keep a liveable world for themselves and for their children.  Sign the CYCC petition on climate change.

US climate change action soon

More indication of imminent US action on climate change.  Let’s cross our fingers and hope it’s substantive.

Save the bears

There is a sickening kind of irony that while nobody worried too much over the fate of millions of Chinese and Bangladeshis, the cute and fuzzy polar bear may be what finally brings the United States to action on global warming.