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How about a Garage Sale next weekend?

If anyone has walked by my house today they would have seen the Garage sale.

Things dont always turn out the way you want when family intervenes….

We plan to continue on Sunday, noon and on, tonnes of good stuff and tonnes of free stuff.

Feel free to drop off donations too.


John Baird thinks it’s a bad idea to save money on gas

Today John Baird attacked Bill C-288, the opposition bill to force the government to meet its Kyoto requirements. As the National Post reports:

Electricity bills, heating and gas prices would soar, businesses would have to scale back or cease production and that would lead to job losses for Canadians, according to Baird’s report.

He predicted that electricity bills would jump by 50 per cent after 2010, prices at the pump would shoot up by 60 per cent and natural gas prices to heat home would double.     Read more »

2007 Apr 22: Take back Earth Day

Streets are for People is organizing an alternative to the corporate-sponsored name brand Earth Day celebrations.

Take back Earth Day
Sunday, 2007 April 22
Metro Hall, John St
1 pm Rally
2 pm March
3-6 pm Street Fair

2007 Apr 21: Mayor Miller’s Clean Up Day at Taylor Creek

For Mayor Miller’s clean up day this year, East Toronto Climate Action Group will be cleaning up Taylor Creek. Please join us.

Mayor Miller’s Clean Up Day at Taylor Creek
Saturday, 2007 April 21, 10 am
Taylor Creek
gather at parking lot off True Davidson, 200 Dawes Rd

2007 Apr 16: Tell the City what you want at the mouth of the Don — finalists

As part of the City’s Innovative Design Competition for Toronto’s Lower Don Lands, four teams have been selected as finalists for the competition. This will decide the future of the western part of the Portlands, and I recommend that everyone go and comment on it.

The dramatic changes proposed are a reflection of the tireless efforts of concerned citizens from Toronto-Danforth and around the city not to settle for a simple cosmetic change, but instead to develop a more natural river mouth with substantial wetlands.

Their proposals were presented at an exhibition launch and public forum Monday night. There is some discussion and a lot of pictures on Spacing Wire. For full information, or to submit comments, see the complete exhibition at BCE Place. The exhibition runs until Wednesday, April 25, but comments need to be submitted by this Friday, April 20.

Alternately, go to Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation or send them email at by April 20.

Lower Don Lands Design Competition Exhibition
2007 April 16 – 25
Allen Lambert Galleria, BCE Place, 181 Bay St

Tell Jack Layton to talk to Elizabeth May

As everyone probably knows, Elizabeth May and Stéphane Dion will not be running candidates in each other’s ridings.  What everyone may not know is that Elizabeth has been trying since her election as Green Party leader to develop working relationships with any parties that support reasonable action on climate change, so that when we have some seats in Parliament, we can work with these parties. She has made no headway with Jack Layton, in spite of the fact that 85% of NDP members favour some sort of rapport between the parties. Jack Layton is your MP. He is supposed to represent you. So tell him to do the right thing. Then get two neighbours who are NDP supporters to tell him, too. Be polite but firm.

You can write to Jack at:
221 Broadview Ave, Ste 100
Toronto, ON M4M 2G3

And if it’s not too much to ask, tell me if you’ve written a letter, so that I can keep a tally of letters that have gone out.

For background, watch this CTV interview of Elizabeth May where she says “What the hell is wrong with Jack Layton that he can’t answer a phone call?”

People from outside Toronto-Danforth should also write to Jack Layton and tell him what he needs to do.

Call for nominations

The nomination for Green Party candidate for Toronto-Danforth is once again open. Female candidates are especially encouraged to put their names forward.

New Green Party of Canada logo

This is the current Green Party of Canada sunflower logo.     Read more »

I’m stepping down

I’m so sorry, but for personal reasons, I won’t be able to represent Toronto-Danforth for the Green Party in the upcoming federal election. I’d like to thank everyone who is working so hard on this campaign, and want to urge you to continue. I continue to support the party and expect to offer what help I can in the upcoming campaign. I wish my replacement candidate the very best of luck in winning this riding for the Greens.

2007 Apr 24: Nuclear plan transmission line?

I’ve just received a flyer from the oranges. (New nickname for NDP — note oranges are not local, therefore unsustainable.)

Next Tuesday there will be a public meeting regarding the proposed transmission line into the Portlands. (Note again, who did NOT oppose the Portlands, simply advocated a lower capacity? Oranges.)

What shocked me though, was not the shameless self-promition. (I think we’re all used to that by now). But rather the ending sentence:

There are better sustainable options to building more nuclear and high voltage transmittion lines.

Though this could be confusing just to me, since I am ESL, it sounds like they are saying there is a sustainable way to get nuclear? Perhaps it is just bad wording.

I definitely plan to attend the discussion to get clear on the issue. I hope it will be more than just a case of NIMBYism in order to “green” themselves.