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2007 May 30: GPO Executive elections in Toronto-Danforth 2007 May 30

Doug Wright has arranged to have a new executive selected for our provincial sister party, the Green Party of Ontario in Toronto-Danforth.

I’d like to encourage everyone to come out and help create a strong and effective riding association for the GPO so that we can work together for the greening of the riding.

Green Party of Ontario Executive Elections
Wednesday, 2007 May 30, 6:30 pm
Pape/Danforth Library

Happy Mother’s Day 2007

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there.

I’ve just returned from watching “Away From Her”. My husband Charlie had arranged for the whole family to go and watch a special screening which was followed by a question-and-answer session with Sarah Polley and Michael Ondaatje.

I had read about the movie before and knew all the plot lines. I almost always cry at movies, but usually only at the climax. This movie had me in tears from a point about 1/3 of the way in, in part because I knew what was coming. I recommend this movie. It’s sensitive and real and Canadian.

And now, my daughter has arranged a special dinner. It’s so wonderful to have a day to be pampered. Hope all you mothers are enjoying yours.

John Tory would sue First Nations

I was recently invited to join Facebook by a respected friend, so I finally bit the bullet. It has been a great experience. A Facebook friend who helped out on the Canadians for Kyoto project I was involved with has proven to be an amazing source of interesting information. Unfortunately, the corollary to the phrase “No news is good news” is that “news is bad”.

I had great hopes that John Tory would be a reasonable, moderate voice that would take the provincial Conservative party out of the extreme right wilderness and bring a more measured tone to the Legislature. So I was a bit disappointed by his willingness to embrace nuclear power even more passionately than McGuinty’s Liberals.

But what my Facebook friend pointed me to is a side of John Tory I find far more chilling. Because although nuclear power terrifies me, its proponents are often progressive, compassionate people. They are often, in my mind, right thinking but mistaken in their analysis. But here is John Tory suggesting, in the face of Caledonia residents protesting the First Nations occupation in their town, that he would sue the First Nations groups for the costs of their blockade.     Read more »

About to tip

Cameron Smith wrote an article in the Star which explains just how perilously close we are to ecological devastation. There is absolutely nothing I can add.