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Oh, so that’s why he withdrew from Kyoto

We all know votes can be bought.  This article reveals that one of Bush’s biggest campaign contributors is also one of the world’s biggest polluters.     Read more »

Water, water everywhere

Jim Harris posted this article on his blog.  It’s nothing new.  Just reminding us that the glaciers are melting, faster even than we had expected.  It focuses on the implications of glacial melt, with little reference to any other aspects of climate change.     Read more »

Cities for Life 2007

Prime Minister Harper is overturning a long-standing Canadian tradition of seeking clemency for Canadians sentenced to death in the United States.  Human rights organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have denounced this development.  All three opposition parties have espressed their opposition to the change in policy.  Amnesty International further decried Canada’s unwillingness to co-sponsor a United Nations resolution calling for a worldwide moratorium on the death penalty.  Once again, Prime Minister Harper finds himself at odds with the values of most Canadians, all 3 opposition parties, Canadian traditions, world opinion and human rights promoters.

Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness Amnesty International

Cities for Life Toronto Celebration
Friday, 2007 November 30, 6 pm
Peace Garden, Nathan Phillips Square
lighting ceremony at 8 pm, St. James Cathedral
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Potential GPO leadership review

The Green Party is in the news again.   At the GPO convention this weekend, one of the things that will be decided is whether to hold a leadership review.

Perhaps we should hunt the whalers

In this modern world, we understand more than ever how inter-connected everything is. Einstein once said, “Mankind will never know peace until his compassion extends to all living things.”

So it was with great sadness and anger and frustration that I first heard on CBC radio and the read in The Star, that the Japanese whaling fleet was off to the Antarctic to kill Humpbacks. This is an endangered species that was nearly driven to extinction and is supposed to be under international protection. To pretend that the slaughter has a “scientific” purpose is ludicrous.  The CBC newscast reported that, as they were only to kill 50 animals, it wouldn’t have a major impact. That makes it better?  As long as we view the natural world as something to be plundered, as something we are somehow removed from, we are in deep trouble. On this issue,  Japan has elected to be the poster boy of human self-centred greed and short-sighted stupidity.  Perhaps we should hunt the whalers, or those who profit from their grim work;  I’m sure there are still enough of them as to not have a major impact.