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2008 Mar 29: What to do on Earth Hour

You have a number of options on Earth Hour tomorrow night.  The Green Choice goes to the no-power local event at Withrow Park:     Read more »

2008 Apr 3: Tim Flannery in Toronto

Tim Flannery will be in Toronto and speaking at the Bloor Cinema next Thursday.     Read more »

Omar Khadr and responsibility

I find this article about Omar Khadr summarizes my views:

The civilized world condemns the recruitment of child soldiers. Yet Canada sits quietly by as one of its citizens, Omar Khadr, is prosecuted by the United States for war crimes he allegedly committed at age 15 as a member of al-Qaeda.

It is impossible to square. Al-Qaeda’s recruitment of child soldiers is immoral and abusive; consequently, it is immoral and abusive to prosecute as a war criminal a child recruited by al-Qaeda, and punish him accordingly. We can’t have it both ways.     Read more »

Help free Bob Lovelace

Lifted directly from the Green Party of Ontario website, an issue that’s really important to me:

On 15 February 2008, former chief Robert Lovelace began serving 6 months in jail for refusing to comply with a court injunction, while following Algonquin law to protect the land.

Robert Lovelace is a Political Prisoner

    Read more »

Green gains

At Chris Tindal’s victory party at the Pear Tree restaurant on Parliament Street last night, we were all pretty excited.  When the polls opened up at 10 pm, the clear leader was Bob Rae for the Liberals.  Chris was just behind Don Meredith, the Conservative candidate, but far ahead of El-Farouk Khaki of the NDP, who looked like he wouldn’t clear 10%.  Then, Chris edged into second place and kept pulling further ahead.  He was at 15% to the Conservatives at 12% and the NDP just about at 10%.  As the polls rolled in, the Conservatives kept losing ground, the NDP kept gaining, but with 2/3 of the polls in, Chris maintained the second place position.  At that point, the Greens were beating the NDP in 3 of the 4 byelections.  Then, Chris was behind by 7 votes to Mr. Khaki.  Then they were tied, then Chris was briefly in the lead again by 6 votes, then behind again.  We left and walked home to discover that with 8 polls left, Chris was leading again, and leading even more with 7 polls left.  Then, with 5 polls left, he was behind by 4 votes.  He ended the night in third place, 36 votes behind the NDP’s Khaki.

The Greens finished in 3rd place in 2 of the 4 ridings.  In 3, we ran very competitively against the NDP.  In one we beat the Conservatives.  This morning, the Star reported on Green Party gains     Read more »