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Steps toward building a renewable future

Young Megan Miller of Saskatoon is not only my son Aidan’s cousin, but also won the Save The Planet Contest with this video. This is the kind of thing that gives me a lot of hope! The 11-year old wrote the script herself, but I think she had help from her dad in drinking the beer!

2009 Feb 24: Pub night

Introducing Danforth Greens Pub Nights.

7-10 pm last Tuesday of every month in the “Library Room” at Gabby’s, 729 Danforth,
just east of Pape.

Come raise a glass of cheer, meet, chat, debate, get informed and have some fun!

2009 Apr 7: Calling all potential candidates

A meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 (location to be advised) to nominate a candidate for the next federal election.     Read more »

The opportunity before us

The economic crisis that started in the United States has permeated most countries of the globe including Canada. Economic experts tell us it is likely to affect us for at least the next 3 to 5 years– more if we don’t react quickly and intelligently. We face a great challenge, but with every great challenge comes a great opportunity.     Read more »

Green Party economic stimulus package

Economy on Green IVThis is what Canada’s economic stimulus package would have looked like if the Green Party had been in charge …

The current financial crisis and attendant economic downturn is a grave concern.  Nevertheless, it creates, as do all moments of crisis, an opportunity for innovation and creativity.  It is clear we must not allow speculative bubbles to threaten the real economy.  Real jobs building real things in Canada should be favoured over short-term, speculative and largely imaginary, economic activity, such as, hedge funds, and pyramid schemes.   A “made in Canada” policy should apply to all government purchases–military equipment, Coast Guard vessels, etc.  Shipping government contracts overseas or down south is unacceptable while thousands of manufacturing jobs are being lost here in Canada.     Read more »