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Federal and provincial AGMs

You are invited to attend the Toronto-Danforth Federal Green Party Association and the Green Party of Ontario’s Toronto Danforth Constituency Associations’s 2009 Annual General Meetings.

Thursday, 2010 January 28, 7 pm (1 hour)
Pape Public Library, 701 Pape Ave (south of Danforth)

All members, supporters and the public are welcome.     Read more »

Mea culpa

Well I got a letter published in the National Post, and to my horror, in my haste I made a mistake.     Read more »

Hundreds protest global warming

Snowmen protesting climate change

Canada’s unscientific Copenhagen team

One thing is clear from the Canadians selected to inform our negotiating team in Copenhagen — environment minister Jim Prentice has no interest in science, nor the environment.     Read more »

Why dismiss Worthington

Here’s what I wrote to the Toronto Sun in response to a recent Peter Worthington column:

I have just read Peter Worthington’s recent piece entitled “Why Dismiss Dissent?” and was completely horrified by the misrepresentations and the complete lack of any journalistic standards.

For example, Worthington states that the Kyoto accord “cannot be effective if the world’s two greatest polluters — China and India — refuse to join”.  He seems unaware of the fact that China and India are Kyoto signatories, whereas the United States are not.     Read more »