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Flowers on a lamp post

For a tiny bit of exercise this morning, I chose to walk to Broadview Station instead of taking the streetcar.  I knew it wasn’t a good sign when I saw the bouquets taped to the pole outside the Pizza Pizza at Broadview and Danforth.  I’d like to bicycle, but I’m too much of a chicken.  This was a man on crutches, with a walk signal.

Ashamed to be Canadian

I’ve wanted to write for a while about Afghan prisoner issues, but for a while every day brought new revelations.  And now for days I’ve wanted to write about the prorogation of Parliament, but I’m honestly stumped about what to say.  And obviously I’m heartily ashamed of Canada’s performance at Copenhagen, which earned us the “Fossil of the Year”  award once again.

Maude Barlow ties all this together, and more, here.


I watched Avatar with my family on New Year’s Day and highly recommend it.  One of my friends described it as a futuristic Pocahontas story that ends well for the natives.  He also found it amusing that the substance for which mankind was willing to lay waste to the beautiful moon of Pandora was called unobtainium.  Spoilers ahead.     Read more »

Happy New Year 2010

May everyone have a happy, healthy and hopeful year.