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The problem with debts

The main item on the G-20 agenda was whether to cut debts or invest in more financial stimulus, with Stephen Harper strongly advocating the need to cut debts.

We need to cut debts.  Large public debts leave governments at the mercy of interest rates.  Double the interest rates and suddenly the debt load becomes completely unmanageable and we’re worried about our credit rating, forcing us into all kinds of nasty measures like privatizing health care, education and even basic services like water.  So in the interest of securing high quality public services, we need to make sure we keep the debt down.   The problem is that Stephen Harper proposes to cut debts not by raising taxes or trimming perverse subsidies to favoured industries, but by attacking the very services I desperately want to protect.  I have no interest in cutting the debt to have more money to fork over to the oil industry while basic services get gutted.     Read more »

The aftermath of a peaceful protest

I was locked inside College Park for an hour this afternoon after rioters smashed the windows there.  There were about 200 frustrated and fearful people with me, including some cranky children and a tearful young teen who just wanted to get home.  What the perpetrators accomplished was to anger a lot of people and justify the massive police presence that until this point had just seemed like an embarrassing exaggeration.     Read more »

2010 Jun 29: Danforth Greens pub night

Monthly Danforth Greens Pub Night
Tuesday, 2010 June 29, 7 pm – 10 pm
in the “Library Room”
729 Danforth Ave, east of Pape

We meet on the last Tuesday of each month.  Please join us!

It’s time for T-shirts

The riding association just order a bunch of T-shirts so that when we go out to community events we aren’t lost in the crowd.  We’ll have loaners available at events, but if you’d like one of your own at cost, contact us with your size.  Here’s the design:     Read more »

Canada’s climate calendar

This evening I attended the launch of Canada’s climate calendar.  It’s an interactive tool you can see online which compares Canada’s per-capita emissions with those of other countries in the world.  It is horrifying.     Read more »