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Town Hall with Jack Layton

In clear pre-election mode, this last Wednesday evening, Jack Layton held a live over-the-phone “town hall” meeting, where he answered questions in real time and polled listeners on their priorities.  It was a great way to outreach to the community and worked quite well.  If elected, I’ll keep that in mind as a way to engage people who prefer the comfort of their own home.  But I’d also like to have in-person town halls and simply attend meetings with local groups.     Read more »

Food crises ahead

I’ve just been alerted to an article by Gwynne Dyer, who anticipates increasing food riots globally.  We may be sheltered from actual rioting in Canada for a while, though we won’t be spared the rising prices.  And of course, the global destabilization involved will have inevitable impacts on Canada long before we face actual shortages here.


Chinese ideogram for year of the rabbitMay the new Rabbit year beginning today bless all Chinese Canadians, and all Canadians, with happiness, good health and good fortune.  Gung hei fat choi!  Happy New Year!


And best wishes for the Vietnamese Year of the Cat.  An khang thịnh vượng!

Elizabeth May on developments in Egypt

Elizabeth May calls on the Canadian Government to urge Hosni Mubarak to resign as President of Egypt.

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