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2014 Dec 11: Choose our candidate

We look forward to having all of you join us in choosing who will represent the Toronto-Danforth Green Party     Read more »

Choose our local executive

Our AGM will precede our nomination meeting.     Read more »

Proposal: Allow notice by email, phone

At this year’s AGM, we’ll vote on any changes to our local constitution. I propose the following two amendments:

Proposed amendment 2014-1: Amend ¶11 of the constitution as follows:

11. The Executive must set the date for the nomination meeting. The Executive shall provide notice to all members of the EDA by regular mail, postmarked no later than 30 days prior to the nomination meeting.

Proposed amendment 2014-2: Amend ¶15 of the constitution as follows:

15. This constitution may be amended by a 75% vote of approval with at least 10% of the members present at a general meeting, except that no change may be considered by the meeting unless notice of the change proposed has been given to the members by regular mail postmarked at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the general meeting.

Walk the Don

“Walk the Don” is a free 2km guided tour of the rain gardens of Riverdale.     Read more »

Mike Schreiner congratulates Greens

Mike Schreiner, photographed by Jason Hendriks

Mike Schreiner, photographed by Jason Hendriks

Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party of Ontario, issued the following statement about the 41st general election:

I’m thrilled that the Green Party earned 5% of the vote across the province, and proud of our strong showings in Guelph, Dufferin–Caledon, and Parry Sound–Muskoka. In Guelph we tripled our results from 2011, and province-wide we doubled our fundraising. In riding after riding, second-time Green candidates saw big gains in their vote totals.

I’m grateful to all the hardworking candidates and their teams. I’m humbled by the amazing support I’ve had in Guelph, and want to thank everyone who contributed to my campaign there.

The Green Party stood up and faced issues that no one else wanted to talk about. We called on the government to fix the school system and stop allowing discrimination and waste. We pushed for home retrofits instead of re-tooled nuclear power. We demanded that the province take action now to protect prime farmland and drinking water at source.

These are not fringe issues or unbaked ideas. They are issues that affect most Ontarians every day. They are questions on which the majority of Ontarians agree with our positions and proposals. But good ideas have a tough time in this electoral system, dominated as it is by fear of what might happen rather than confidence in what could be.     Read more »

Support Rachel with a lawn sign

Green Party of Ontario lawn sign

Small bag-style lawn sign (24″×20″) on wire frame

You can support Rachel’s campaign with a lawn sign.

If you live in the Toronto-Danforth riding and want to show your support for the Green Party of Ontario, please fill in the form below:     Read more »

Q&A with Rachel in the Riverdaler

Queen Viaduct
Rachel was interviewed in the Riverdaler about Toronto-Danforth priorities, unemployement, balancing the budget, health care, building and funding transit, coal power, and protecting the environment.  Click here to read the interview.

Candidates on the record

Toronto-Danforth candidates, 2014 has interviewed the major candidates in Toronto-Danforth for the 2014 provincial elections. Rachel’s answers are reproduced here:     Read more »


Welcome to the Green Party in Toronto-Danforth, the area between the Don River and Coxwell Avenue.

Our Green Party of Canada candidate in the 2018 provincial election is Mark Fernandez.

Go Green with Rachel Power

rachel-power-toronto-danforth-green-party-of-ontario-candidateRachel Power is proud to be your Green Party Candidate for Toronto-Danforth.

Rachel Power is a Marketing Specialist and avid animal and environmental rights activist. Originally from Durham Region, she moved to Toronto nine years ago to further her career and broaden her horizons. She currently runs her own Communications Agency, teaches part-time at Centennial College, and volunteers for a large number of community based green initiatives and national animal rights campaigns. Her passion is, and always has been, advocating for a green and compassionate lifestyle.     Read more »