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Ma maman est dans L’Express

Le journal francophone L’Express a interviewé plusieurs candidats politiques qui se présentent contre des chefs de partis.  Ma mère, Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu, figure entre eux.

L'Express: l'hebdo des francophone du Grand Toronto

Gagner une élection n’est jamais très facile, mais gagner une élection contre le chef d’un grand parti est encore moins facile. Imaginez ceux qui se présentent contre Stephen Harper en Alberta, combien de chances ont-ils de gagner? Peu, je vous l’accorde. À Toronto, les chefs du Parti libéral et du Nouveau Parti démocratique se présentent respectivement dans les circonscriptions d’Étobicoke-Lakeshore et Toronto-Danforth. L’Express a rencontré trois candidats qui osent jouer les troubles-fêtes dans les circonscriptions des chefs.

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Pee in the shower

Just had a Portuguese language interview with Sandro Miranda of PanTV.  He pointed me to a Brazilian campaign to reduce water use.  I have been impressed with the creativity of public campaigns in Brazil on AIDS, abuse of women, nutrition among the poor and other areas.  Brazil routinely achieves tremendous progress on the cheap.  Here’s how they are reducing water use:

Check out the video endorsements

You can find more endorsements like these on the new video endorsements page.  Hilary and Ed have fuller videos there.

Hilary endorses Toronto-Danforth candidate
Ed endorses Toronto-Danforth candidate

Women’s Day Greetings 2011

Congratulations to all women on this centenary Women’s Day when we celebrate one hundred years of progress for women. I’ve been listening to Peter Gabriel sing his wonderful song Shaking the Tree with Youssou N’Dour in celebration of Women’s Day. Would be even better if it were written by a woman, but it’s hard to complain about men singing in celebration of women’s achievements.

Here is Elizabeth May being her usual eloquent self,      Read more »

Tim DeChristopher convicted in Utah

Tim’s action to block the sale of federal lands for mining rights to the fossil fuel industry was one of those pure, spontaneous and beautiful expressions of nonviolent public opposition to monstrous policy. The publicity raised by his actions led directly to the withdrawal of the mining leases by the incoming Obama administration. Nonetheless, yesterday Tim DeChristopher was convicted and faces prison time.  He is a hero.

Planning cities for the young and old

A few years ago, Elizabeth May said that we need to plan cities around the child, instead of around the car.  There’s now a movement around 8-80 cities that calls on cities to be planned with two groups of people in mind – 8 year olds and 80 year olds.  The theory is that if you take care of the young and old, the able-bodied in between will be able to look after themselves.  It’s a compassionate approach to community building with the goal of safe streets, local economies and cohesive neighbourhoods, rather than maximum mobility.  And it’s very much at the heart of what the Green Party is all about.

Making transit dollars go a long way

There is a lot of noise being made today about the Pembina Institute’s comparison of the Metrolinx and Mayor Rob Ford’s transit expansion plans.  The Toronto Star reported on it and the Toronto Environmental Alliance has been alerting its members to it as well.  Whether you prefer subways or light rail, you still have to conclude that Mayor Ford’s plan is inconsistent with his stand on reducing waste.  If you want subways to deliver anywhere close to the kind of service you can get from surface transit, you better be prepared for substantially higher taxes.

Meanwhile, George Monbiot in the United Kingdom is facing the identical nonsensical rhetoric of “ending the war against the car”, and writes as only he can:     Read more »

Green growth or stability?

You can hear Tim Jackson and Peter Victor argue for a steady-state economy while Paul Ekins and Richard Lipsey promote green growth.

An audio recording of the debate is available online, and it will be rebroadcast on the CBC:

No Growth vs Green Growth debate
Tuesday, 2011 February 2, 9pm
Ideas on CBC Radio One

I want to thank a local supporter for alerting me to Tim Jackson’s presence in Canada.  Jackson is an economist working with Canadian economist Peter Victor on modeling an economy not built around constant growth.     Read more »

COP16 — Hope for the holidays

Something truly magical is happening in Cancun.  Patricia Espinosa got a standing ovation when she returned after giving people a couple of hours to peruse the text.     Read more »

COP16 — Green family breakfast

This morning, a group of 30 Greens from all over the world gathered for breakfast in Cancun.  Most were officeholders in Europe, either in the EU Parliament or in country governments.  But municipal councillor Cathy Oke arrived from Melbourne, Australia, former Santa Monica mayor Mike Feinstein came from the United States, and four Canadian Greens joined in with three Brazilians, including the leader of the Brazilian Greens, Senator Marina Silva, who gathered 20 million votes in the last presidential election, earning 20% of the popular vote, 30% of the urban vote and winning the popular vote outright in Brazil’s capital city of Brasilia.

Green family breakfast
From left to right: Ronan Dantec, Deputy Mayor of the city of Nantes (France); Marina Silva, Presidential Candidate (Brazil); Dr Cathy Oke, City of Melbourne Councillor (Australia); Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu, Green Party of Canada Climate Change Critic; Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada

I had wanted to meet Marina ever since she left Lula’s government over disagreements about dam-building and other environmentally damaging policies and began to consider running for the Greens.     Read more »