A cheeky proposal

Harper’s Universal Childcare Benefit increase has just come into effect.  I have heard from several people who are livid that their taxpayer’s dollars are being used to buy their vote.

And the worst thing is, it’s working.

The latest poll has put the Conservatives ahead going into the election.

So, what do you do with the extra $720 a year you’ll be getting?

I have a cheeky proposal.

Imagine the look on Harper’s face if he knew you were giving this money – the money he was hoping would buy your vote – to our local pipeline-hating, democratic-reforming, environmental-protecting Toronto-Danforth Green Party.

Think of his reaction!

Donate now.

While this proposal is cheeky, it’s also serious and urgent.

Your donation is needed today. We are scrambling to get enough signs printed. We need an additional $7,000 to be able to paint our riding green.

By donating some, or all of your UCCB to us you’ll stick it to Harper, feel good each time the cheque arrives in the mail, and play a major role in helping us win the upcoming election in our riding.

And the best thing is: there are substantial rebates for political donations. If you donate $720 you get $460 back at tax time. So donating $720 only costs you $260.

A $400 donation only costs you $100. A $200 donation only costs $50. You get the idea…

Donate now.

It will take less than a minute to make a big difference to our campaign, and infuriate Harper at the same time. Donate the extra money you’re getting from Harper’s UCCB today.

Thanks in advance.

Chris Tolley

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