It’s time to take back democracy — a message from Sharon Howarth

I look forward to working together with you, the people of Toronto-Danforth, to send a strong message to Stephen Harper, Stephane Dion and Jack Layton that the days of partisan, left/right, exclusionary politics are OVER. That the time for action on climate change is NOW.

I’ve spent virtually every day of the last 11 months going street by street, knocking on doors to speak directly with as many voters as I could, to introduce myself one on one and to listen to what you have to say.

Thousands of people have told me personally that they will vote Green in the next election. The reasons are as varied as the people of this riding.

Many of you will vote Green to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil in which we grow our food.

Many of you will vote Green because you are fed up with old-style partisan politics from old-style partisan politicians and believe it’s time to forget about right vs left and instead focus on right vs wrong.

Many of you will vote Green because, after finding out what the Green Party stands for, you discovered that our values are your values.

If you are voting Green, please consider taking a moment to order a sign for your window or lawn.  Click here to get a sign!

I need your help. If you have a spare hour here or there between now and October 14th, please consider doing phone canvassing (from your own home), or handing out literature, or joining me as I continue to go out to meet people wherever I can. Click here to volunteer!

Economic times are tight. But if you can spare even $5, it will help us buy more brochures, put up advertising in the subways and open a campaign office in a great location in the heart of Toronto-Danforth. If you can afford to donate more, please do. Regardless, if you can donate every cent helps (and you’ll get a tax credit for 75% of your donation). Click here to donate!

The only wasted vote is a vote not cast.

Every vote for the Green Party is another nail in the coffin of the type of politics that saw Jack Layton refuse Elizabeth May’s phone calls when all she wanted to do was talk. The type of politics that has Stephen Harper giving token acknowledgement to the fact that the climate crisis exists. The type of politics that has the Liberals stealing our tax shifting plan (O.K., we encouraged them to steal it), but then watering it down until it won’t work.

We need you. Join us! Call me anytime at 416-273-8245 or email I look forward to hearing from you.

Blue pen signature of Sharon Howarth, Green Party candidate for Toronto-Danforth

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