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Coalition government is democratic

A coalition government made up of the three opposition parties who received 62% of the vote, with added counsel from the Greens, is perfectly legal and democratic.     Read more »

Giving thanks

Now is the time to join with family and friends to celebrate the harvest, to celebrate how lucky we are to live in a country like Canada where we have the democratic right to cast our ballot for whom we choose.

When my family celebrated Thanksgiving Saturday I gave thanks for the bounty of this earth, and also for the bounty of support that the voters in Toronto-Danforth and across the country have given the Green Party this election. The results will be truly historic. Canadians will elect Green MPs.     Read more »

Involving youth and their future

Recently, I have been spending a lot of time talking to people in the subway stations. I have come across a number of young people and especially high school students who are concerned about their future, especially in regards to the environment.     Read more »

Strategic voting or democratic failure

One of the main goals of my campaign is to take back democracy — by empowering people. Canada‚Äôs current political system makes democracy hindering for the average person. The system has not changed since the days of the confederation when only white males who held property were allowed to vote. Furthermore, the Liberals and the Conservatives have been the two parties of government for over 100 years.

This outdated political system has lead to the phenomenon known as strategic voting.     Read more »

Thanks to all my supporters

Throughout my life I have worked very hard to bring awareness and promote change to issues that matter to me. This would have been impossible if I had not had the support of all of you. Throughout my campaign I have met so many people who have given their support to me and the Green Party, making all my efforts feel so valuable.     Read more »