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Everyone cares…

Throughout my community involvement and my political experiences, I have come across far too many people who claim not to care about politics and government. I find this impossible to believe. It’s human nature to care about politics and government. Everyone has ideals, morals, values and issues that are important to them. The purpose of democracy is to represent these values and ideals on a larger scale, in order to create a society that people are proud to live in.

Therefore when people say that don’t care about politics, it really means that they have lost faith in the system and the old-line parties.      Read more »

It’s time to take back democracy — a message from Sharon Howarth

I look forward to working together with you, the people of Toronto-Danforth, to send a strong message to Stephen Harper, Stephane Dion and Jack Layton that the days of partisan, left/right, exclusionary politics are OVER. That the time for action on climate change is NOW.

I’ve spent virtually every day of the last 11 months going street by street, knocking on doors to speak directly with as many voters as I could, to introduce myself one on one and to listen to what you have to say.     Read more »

The joy of walking (life without a car)

Sharon Howarth, nominated Green Party of Canada candidate for Toronto-DanforthWalking has always given me a feeling of power, independence and freedom … a feeling that I can get somewhere under my own steam.   I experience a sense of fulfillment when I am able to accomplish necessities while limiting dependency on exterior sources. I also find walking to be a stress reliever, free therapy, free exercise and accessible whenever the need hits me.     Read more »

Working together for our community

I’ve been involved in many issues in the riding over the years, many of which have stemmed from my interest in what the Portlands can be for all of us.

This involvement has included everything from the Naturalization of the Mouth of the Don River, to promoting conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy and opposing the Portlands Energy Centre as an unnecessary blight to our waterfront.     Read more »

Back on the road to democracy

Sharon HowarthIt is with pleasure I write this message to the many long-term members and the great many new supporters on the launch of the first E-Newsletter for the Toronto-Danforth Greens. This Newsletter is a clear example of the incredible skills and expertise of those who make up the Green Party in our riding. An exuberant welcome to you all.     Read more »