Everyone cares…

Throughout my community involvement and my political experiences, I have come across far too many people who claim not to care about politics and government. I find this impossible to believe. It’s human nature to care about politics and government. Everyone has ideals, morals, values and issues that are important to them. The purpose of democracy is to represent these values and ideals on a larger scale, in order to create a society that people are proud to live in.

Therefore when people say that don’t care about politics, it really means that they have lost faith in the system and the old-line parties. This loss of faith takes away the power the citizens in democracy are supposed to have as the average person begins to believe that they are just a single person who can’t make a difference in society.

I and the Green Party are hoping to change this sentiment by helping Canadians take back democracy. The public outcry by Canadians across the political spectrum of the old line parties trying to keep Elizabeth May out of the national debate is proof enough that Canadians still care and deeply value democracy.

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