Strategic voting or democratic failure

One of the main goals of my campaign is to take back democracy — by empowering people. Canada’s current political system makes democracy hindering for the average person. The system has not changed since the days of the confederation when only white males who held property were allowed to vote. Furthermore, the Liberals and the Conservatives have been the two parties of government for over 100 years.

This outdated political system has lead to the phenomenon known as strategic voting. An example of strategic voting would be if all four national parties were running in a riding and left leaning voter, with Green principles, voted for the Liberals, so as not to split the left vote. It’s like voting for the lesser evil.

One thing we must remember about political parties is that they don’t own us. Political parties are simply tools for citizens to use. For me there are two types of votes a worthwhile vote and a wasted vote. A worthwhile vote is when the voter votes for the person or party that offers solutions to their concerns. A worthwhile vote is a vote for yourself and puts democracy back into your hands. On the other hand there is the wasted or strategic vote. A strategic vote is a vote against yourself, as it takes power away for one’s self and gives it to an old line party.

Canadians are very lucky to have a fourth party to choose. Voting for a Green candidate sends a message to the government that there needs to be policy changes. It creates competition and a better democracy. A monopoly is never good for business and the same is true in politics.

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