Giving thanks

Now is the time to join with family and friends to celebrate the harvest, to celebrate how lucky we are to live in a country like Canada where we have the democratic right to cast our ballot for whom we choose.

When my family celebrated Thanksgiving Saturday I gave thanks for the bounty of this earth, and also for the bounty of support that the voters in Toronto-Danforth and across the country have given the Green Party this election. The results will be truly historic. Canadians will elect Green MPs.

Advance poll voters, who had previously voted for the NDP, Liberals or Conservatives, have unanimously told me how good they felt voting for the Green Party in this election. They felt hopeful, powerful and that their vote counted.

On Tuesday, vote with your head and your heart. Walk out of the booth knowing you voted FOR what you believe in.

If you need any help getting to the polls, or locating your poll, or if you have any problems at your poll, please do not hesitate to call the campaign office at 416-273-8245 or 416-823-7678 for help.

Blue pen signature of Sharon Howarth, Green Party candidate for Toronto-Danforth
Sharon Howarth

P.S. To clear up any possible confusion from some recent media reports, I agree completely with Elizabeth May’s statement on strategic voting. “Media reports and suggestions from other parties that I am urging strategic voting across the country or that backroom deals are being made are complete nonsense,” Ms. May said. “As I have said over and over, strategic voting is not a sound strategy at all and I do not support it. Canada needs to elect Green MPs.”

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