2008 Oct 3: Sharon Howarth on Goldhawk Live

Toronto-Danforth candidates on Goldhawk Live
Friday, 2008 October 3, 7 pm
Rogers TV cable channels 10 and 63

Catch Sharon and the other Toronto-Danforth candidates on the Rogers televised debate with Dale Goldhawk. There will be one minute openings and one minute closings, with questions from Dale Goldhawk and phone-in questions for the rest of the hour.

One response to “Sharon Howarth on Goldhawk Live”

  1. Robert Montgomery writes:

    Sharon was terrific and a great representative of the Green Party. She knew her positions and those of the party. It is unfortunate Jack Layton was NOT there as Goldhawk was able to solicit information from the candidates far better than what happened in the National Debate.

    I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on the Conservative Candidate, who seemed to share a lot of Sharon’s views. Christina Perreault, having been accused of never showing up to debates, was there and, in my opinion, voiced and reflected the position of the Conservative Party far clearer than her I have heard before. Other than Sharon and Christina, from which I learned a great deal, it seems to me that the other candidates said little of importance to the people of Toronto-Danforth. Congratulations to these two smart and intelligent women!

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