Agrichar — hope for soils

A bit of hopeful news that’s being tossed around lately is the potential of agrichar to improve the ability of soils to absorb carbon.  Agrichar is a pyrolysis product from biomass wastes.  The pyrolysis process itself can also provide energy so it’s one of those lovely win-win ideas I like so much.  If the trials keep showing good results, this will likely become one of the things we use to fight global warming.

One response to “Agrichar — hope for soils”

  1. don hennick writes:

    Let’s start calling it what it is…
    The Global Carbon March.
    To inter our exhaust in clay


    Lets give it a name
    I say Global Carbon March
    Inter our exhaust

    I don’t see any mention on your web site of Pyrolysis or Agrichar . Do you have projects in the planning stage on the carbon sequestration front?

    The more you learn about this ancient technique of soil restoration the more you’ll see how elegant this solution can be for carbon sequestration, for us all.
    Imagine putting the carbon tax funds into the hands of millions of peasant farmers all around the world, building their soil and their net worth at the same time. Please search “AGRICHAR” “BIOCHAR” or

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