Glimmers of hope

I’ve just added a new category, “hope”.  There’s bits of good news popping up amid all the mind-reeling bad.  Today’s news reports that the Southern Baptists, who represent 16 million Americans, have diverged from their prior stance of doubting global warming.  Not only do they now accept that humans are responsible, but have stated that we have a moral duty to fight it.

That’s extremely good news for me, because I’ve been thinking for many years that we’ll only see some real action on this issue when a broad base of ecumenical groups gets involved.

There’s more good news. I got a link to African Energy News Review, which is just full of good news.  First of all, in 2007, wind energy in the United States increased by 45%.  Arizona and Australia are building the largest high-temperature solar thermal plants in the world, to provide 280 and 150 MW of power respectively.   A new study suggests that solar power in the Sahara could provide the basis for getting Europe off fossil fuels by 2050.

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