A Solar Affair in Withrow Park

Withrow ParkJust got notice today that Solar Neighbourhoods is sponsoring an information session about solar power in Withrow Park next to the Farmer’s Market.

A Solar Affair
Saturday, 2009 May 23, 10am-1pm
Withrow Park

northeast corner, near Farmer’s market and playground

Come out and find out how you can heat your home’s hot water with the free energy of the sun, tap into more than $4,000 in incentives and make your neighbourhood a little greener. You’ll be able to have an up-close look at a number of different systems and talk to different Solar Neighbourhoods pre-qualified suppliers as well as to our knowledgeable Solar Neighbourhoods’ staff.

You can also take a neighbourhood solar tour and see how homes and businesses in your community are already tapping the energy of the sun. We strongly recommend pre-registering for these popular tours.

For kids, there are great activities, including making s’mores in the solar oven.  Now that’s using the sun!

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