Andrew Trotter

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Andy Trotter owns an Architectural Design Firm in downtown Toronto, is a hockey dad, and son of former Liberal MPP James Trotter from the previous riding of Parkdale. Andy began canvassing with his father at the age of 4 and although he has been a strong Liberal all his life he now believes the Green Party offers the best solutions for many of the economic, social, energy based, and climate problems we face today.

Andy is a member of the Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario with a BCIN. Through his firms he has extensive experience with the Toronto Building dpt. City Planning, Transportation, Urban Forestry, and the Toronto Ravine and Conservation Authority.

Small business, child care, affordable housing, and education are four of his main priorities. Andy has been a small business owner for the past 25 yrs and understands the difficulties of raising children in downtown Toronto and trying to keep a roof over their heads. This city can’t become a haven for the most fortunate. We need to do some serious work enforcing affordable units in all new building development and we need to get serious about rent control. Everyone keeps saying they are going to do something about this and nothing happens we need candidates that won’t back down. Education is the best way to help people achieve better incomes and get ahead. We need to help people of all ages get education, which means we need better day care.

Andy is a true Canadian and as a result hockey has been one of his life long passions and it all started on Grenadier Pond. While skating and tobogganing in High Park Andy realized his love of nature and in particular urban nature. This led to work during and after high school in the summer months with the Ministry of Natural Resources planting trees in Terrace Bay and Manitouwage on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Toronto-Danforth must have one of the most challenging urban nature situations in the Province bordering the Don River to the west and the Toronto Islands in the South. These regions are an incredible spread of forgotten and poorly attended to shorelines, ravines, and forests. This is of great concern to Andy.

Andy has traveled through 11 different countries, lived on the border of Thailand and Laos, slept on the beaches of Greece, back packed through Europe and both his sons are Japanese and Canadian citizens living here with him in Toronto. Throughout these travels Andy has learned that we all really want the same things: food, shelter, employment, education and a sustainable future for our children. These are the base components that make any society thrive.

After 35 yrs in the construction industry building and designing throughout Ontario It’s easy to see the colossal waste of money spent by current and previous governments. We all know the climate problem is real, we know energy problems are real, we know the Green solution is the best way to go, but we have been building infrastructure and fixing problems the easy way and paying complex prices.If we want to make change maybe we could do it a little at time. Maybe something as simple as hanging your clothes to dry on a warm summer day instead of using your dryer. Riding your bike to work 4 times a month. Voting Green this election. Show the Province and the other leaders you want this type of change that this is important to you as a citizen of Ontario. Please vote Green in the next election and make that one small step for the change we really need.

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