What I read today (coming home on the TTC from YorkU)

Reason to support the Green Party, and confirmation of why we joined:

Business can provide meaning for workers and customers but not until it understands that the trust it undertakes and the growth it assumes are part of a larger covenant. As long as nature, children, women, and workers are abused by institutions espousing free-market theories, the real deficit will continue to grow — the difference between what business has taken and what it has returned, the difference between value added and value subtracted. For most people meaning is derived from just the opposite relationship, one in which one gives more than one takes, where one’s life is intrinsically bound to the promotion of the common good.

Wish I’d written the above. But I’m just the messenger.

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  1. Sharon Howarth writes:

    Well…. written and well noticed and shared. Thank you so much, Charles.

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