Bad and good news

The good news, reported in this blog before, is that the Green Party is rising in the polls, even beating out the NDP nationally in popularity in some polls.

The bad news is that rising popularity and entrance into the main fray of politics means that we’re subjected to the same sort of nastiness the big boys used to reserve for each other.

The good news is that Prime Minister Harper’s policies, for a while thought to be substantive on climate change by much of the population, are now being recognized for what they are: fraudulent greenwash that actually reverses what little progress we’ve made.

The bad news is that Prime Minister Harper skewered any meaningful action on climate change at the recent Commonwealth talks in Uganda and managed to ram through a toothless policy guaranteed to allow climate change to roll on unchecked.

The good news is that on the heels of this development, one of his few allies in the commonwealth and indeed in the world, Australian Prime Minister John Howard, was turfed out in a general election where climate change was a major issue.

The bad news is that on the heels of all the bad publicity surrounding his irresponsible actions, Prime Minister Harper has attacked Elizabeth May for her searing denunciation.

The good news is that apparently Elizabeth May is the authority that Harper feels needs attacking.  We’re not such an inconsequential party after all.

The other good news is that what Elizabeth actually wrote about Mr. Harper is reasonable and sound.

3 responses to “Bad and good news”

  1. James O'Grady writes:

    What garbage. Whomever is writing that drivel for the Conservatives needs to be shown the door. If this is the best the governing party has, they’re in trouble.

  2. Moe Berrigan writes:

    My lord. I’m not even sure what to say. Reading these posts on the Conservative website just boggle my mind. I guess the best I can say is it is quite the case of pot calling the kettle black when they say that Elizabeth has ‘no class’. Frankly, what appears in these posts is radical, disgraceful and most definitely extreme.


  3. S. Cappuccitti writes:

    As much as we want to disprove or be agast at the comments made by the opposite parties, please remember that they are the only ones making comments. The members of the Green Party need to match “their” statements with the statements based on Green Party sound wisdom.
    The exercise of power is called “politics” Until now, many of us have not exercised the power of our conviction, knowledge and fraternity. When we voice our well considered points of wisdom, to be considered by the members of our community, we enrich our friends, our neighbours and teach the alternate party members to think bettter of us. Let us get away from partisan snipes and offer sound opinions backed up with confirmable facts.

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