2009 May 25: Bike to Work 2009 this Monday

Thanks to Andrew James for alerting me to a Bike to Work Day event this Monday, May 25, sponsored by the Toronto Bicyclists Union.  All participants get a t-shirt.

Bike to Work Day
Monday, 2009 May 25, 7am
meet at Woodbine and Danforth


Update: There is better information available on the City of Toronto site.  Ride begins at 7am at Woodbine and Danforth and should arrive at Broadview and Danforth about 7:15am.

One response to “Bike to Work 2009 this Monday”

  1. Ron writes:

    Just a quick word on the embarassing and sad press coverage of biking this week. Now magazine once again attempts to create a special status for bike users that assumes they need to break the law to co-exist on our roadways. This is not what I am after as a cyclist. I don’t need special status, I need respect on the road.

    As for the Toronto Star, well, they seem to want to scare us all off the road to make it safer for cars. It’s all very sad that there seems to be no middle position between smug special status and terrified avoidance of the road.

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