Making democracy work

You’ve got mailGreen Party leader Elizabeth May wrote in her wonderful book “How to Save the World in Your Spare Time”, that “making democracy work is work.”

Here in Toronto-Danforth we have many projects both being executed and in the planning stages. The goal of these efforts is to encourage support for the Green Party and its policies in our riding between elections so that when an election is called, we will be ready to put up signs, distribute literature, contact confirmed and potential supporters and get out the vote.

It can be easier to write a cheque than to give your time. Not that we don’t want your cheques, we do, but your time is equally valuable if we are to be able to run a professional, successful campaign when an election is called. The amount we are able to accomplish is only limited by the manpower we have available.

I’d like to send a special shout-out to Will, Janine, Henia, Tim, as well as our newsletter team of Doug and Raymond. These volunteers, in addition to our executive (Patricia, Adriana, Barbora, Charlie, Ed, Ken, Lies and Ron) do all the work of maintaining our database, designing, preparing and distributing literature, supporting Sharon Howarth (our nominated candidate extraordinarie), organizing social events, conducting research, renewing memberships and other tasks far too numerous to mention.

If you can spare one hour just once that’s great – one hour each month would be fabulous – or one hour each week would be AMAZING – any and all contributions of time are immensely valuable. Your efforts can and will make a difference. Please contact me at 416-823-7678 or to let me know how you can help build support for the Green Party here in Toronto-Danforth.

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