2010 Oct 26: Danforth Greens Pub Night

Monthly Danforth Greens Pub Night
Tuesday, 2010 October 26, 7 pm – 10 pm
Gabby’s in the “Library Room”
729 Danforth Ave, east of Pape

We meet on the last Tuesday of each month.  Please join us!

One response to “Danforth Greens Pub Night”

  1. Andrea Jackson writes:

    We are thinking of visiting you pub night to promote the GreenHeroes.tv contest and campaign.

    GreenHeroes.tv is an internet channel that tells remarkable stories of people who acted on their ideas to address the global environment crisis.
    On the web and on our TV show, GreenHeroes tells the story of change – of how people improved their lives, what their tipping point moments were and how they overcome obstacles to become a GreenHero.
    I just wanted to check in and make sure this is okay with your organization.
    Thank you Sincerely
    Andrea Jackson
    GreenHeroes.tv Volunteer Coordinator

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