Donna Dillman day 52

Donna Dillman and ZephyrDonna Dillman has moved her hunger strike for a moratorium on uranium mining to Queen’s Park.  Her rally this morning got a significant group of supporters out in the cold at Queen’s Park.  It felt good to be there.  The press was there taking pictures and talking to people.  It feels like something powerful is in the works.  Donna was gracious and informed and sensible even though she’s starting to feel weak and she’s always cold.  Our MPP, Peter Tabuns, was out there in support, as well as a lot of faces from Toronto-Danforth including our candidate Sharon Howarth and Green Party of Ontario staff Jeff Brownridge and Jessica Fracassi.  The Green Party of Ontario issued a press release in support of Donna, and the Green Party of Canada has been behind her all along. Peter scheduled an interview with Donna following the rally and has promised his support for further media opportunities.  Thanks Peter.  And thanks Donna, for your courage.

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  1. Chris Dancey writes:

    Over the past seven years, I have learned that our provincial and federal politicians are not listening to the logic of people like Donna. That she is having to go to this extreme is shameful. She has my total support and I’d like to know how we can best support her?

    I will be writing (yet again) to Premier McGuinty and pointing out to him how shortsighted and ill-informed his comments about the need to mine uranium are.

    The website above [click on Chris Dancey] has been neglected for a year. It was created to try to help my father, who died April 22. Many of my efforts to help this chemically sensitive man fell on deaf ears. This includes the ears of Premier McGuinty, my MPP Steve Peters and Minister George Smitherman. They just aren’t listening.

    Donna is not alone and if you can help me support her, it will be greatly appreciated.

    Chris Dancey

  2. Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu writes:

    Hi Chris,

    Sorry for the delay. Here are some ideas about what to do.

    Writing to Premier McGuinty is the best thing you can do personally. Then get some of your friends to write. Put up a sign that says “Bring Gramma home” in your window and be prepared to answer the inevitable questions about what it means.

    I’ve suggested to Donna that she start a campaign where people commit to not eating for a day and contribute the money saved to the CCAMU. I’m sure Donna would appreciate some company and warm liquids on the lawn of Queen’s Park. She sometimes steps in so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see her right away.

    Finally, for further ideas go to the CCAMU website at

    Thanks so much,


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