Donna Dillman ends her hunger strike

Donna Dillman is well and eating again.  She did not get the requested moratorium on uranium mining from Premier McGuinty.  Instead, after 68 days without solid food (the final two on water only), a number of organizations stepped in and promised to hold a public inquiry into uranium mining on her behalf.  These included the Canadian Coalition Against Mining Uranium (CCAMU), Greenpeace, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE), WWF, Suzuki Foundation, Sierra Club and others.  This was announced at a press conference in the provincial Legislature following a march organized by Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT).

Glenn MacIntosh of EcoSanity, who has been following the story with a video recorder, took videos of Donna getting her first bite to eat.

Many heartfelt thanks to our MPP Peter Tabuns, whose office Donna occupied for over 2 weeks in Toronto, and who officially acknowledged her daily in the Legislature.  Peter also helped to organize 2 press conferences and 2 marches over that period.

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