2007 Nov 14: Edward Burtynsky is Worldchanging

Tonight is your opportunity to meet Edward Burtynsky, the photographer of those spectacular photos that look so achingly beautiful until you realize what you are seeing.  He photographs the impacts of industry on the environment, but infuses an aesthetic sense even to the most disturbing scenes.  The bright ribbon is a river flowing red, the lovely pattern of concentric rectangles is a deep open-pit mine, the people in it no bigger than pin pricks, the little flickers of lights on the monolithic shadow are the torches of workers in Bangladesh painstakingly deconstructing the hulks of decrepit ships.  There are orderly stacks of tires and compressed telephones, piles of computers and televisions and clothes.  They’re very eye-opening.

Edward Burtynsky at Worldchanging at the Berkeley
Wednesday, 2007 November 14, 7 pm
315 Queen St East

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