2008 Apr 4: Elizabeth May tonight

Tonight!  (Shoulda blogged this sooner, but I forgot).  An opportunity to see representatives of the NDP, Liberals, Green Party of Canada and a Progressive Conservative senator talk about Peace and Justice together.

Public Forum: The Human Right to Peace: Full Time Work
Friday, 2008 April 4, 7:30-9:30 pm
Church of the Holy Trinity

10 Trinity Square
(behind the Toronto Eaton Centre at Bay south of Dundas)
$10? (I can’t remember the cost)

This is sponsored by the Canadian Department of Peace Initiative, a non-partisan group formed to promote a Canadian Department of Peace to work to promote peacemaking.

The speakers are Douglas Roche, a former Progressive Conservative MP and senator, Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada, Olivia Chow, NDP MP for Trinity-Spadina and Boris Wrzesnewskyj, Liberal MP for Etobicoke Centre.

It promises to be an interesting evening.  I’m not going, I have a class.  But I’m sending my husband and kids.

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