Expand income splitting

Federal MP candidate Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu introductory postcardExplaining my introductory postcard: “Expand income splitting to reduce taxes for families”

Retired couples are permitted to split their income to reduce the tax rate.  We recognize that they share costs.  But we don’t do this for working families.  This particularly affects families where one parent earns a great deal more than the other, and especially if one family member stays home to watch children and has no income at all.  This puts an added burden on Canadian families that are most stressed already, from juggling the time to care for children, the additional costs of childcare and the worries for providing for their children’s future.

We need to expand the recognition that families pool financial resources and tax family incomes accordingly.  By allowing income splitting for working families, we can move the higher earner into a lower tax rate, reducing the tax burden for families.

Income splitting is part of the tax shift the Green Party advocates.  It’s good for Canadian families.

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