I’m introducing my first postcard

I’ve been getting out and meeting constituents with my new introductory postcard hot off the presses.  The reception has been great so far and it feels good to be talking to people.  Here’s what the card looks like:

Toronto-Danforth candidate positions on issues postcard front

In the image below, you can click on each of the major points to read more details about my proposals:

Toronto-Danforth candidate positions on issues postcard back

I look forward to meeting you when I swing by your neighbourhood.

Here’s the text of the card, which tells a little about me and my positions on various issues:

The Toronto-Danforth Federal Green Party Association proudly introduces our nominated candidate:

Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu

I’m a mother of five living in Toronto-Danforth.  I’ve been increasingly concerned about the climate and resource challenges my children will face.

I’m actively involved in local groups like Post Carbon Toronto, JustEarth, The Next Generation and Amnesty International.  I fought the Portlands Energy Centre and the Big Box development.

The Green Party has the best policies to create green jobs, transition to a sustainable economy and support local businesses.  We’re fiscally responsible and socially progressive.  Join me in building a bright future for our families.


Reduce local asthma with a carbon price and give the money raised back to you

Enshrine the right to clean air and water in the Constitution

Phase out carbon emissions as science demands, through retrofits, efficiency and renewable power


Remove subsidies propping up dying industries and tar sands, and invest the savings in a local, low-energy economy

Expand income splitting to reduce taxes for families

Allow new Canadians to work in their fields by coordinating with the provinces to recognize foreign training and credentials


Eliminate poverty with a guaranteed annual income

Ban handguns and help youth avoid being drawn into crime

Ensure every vote counts by increasing voter access and implementing proportional representation

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  1. Charlie Halpern-Hamu writes:

    See also Adriana’s postcard for 2010.

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