Allow new Canadians to work

Federal MP candidate Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu introductory postcardExplaining my introductory postcard: “Allow new Canadians to work in their fields by coordinating with the provinces to recognize foreign training and credentials”

Our immigration laws favour skills that are theoretically needed in Canada — we bring in doctors, engineers, physicists, lawyers, dentists and other professionals, often from countries that need these skills even more desperately than we do.  Many of them arrive in Canada and end up painting my house, doing my plumbing, serving me coffee or driving my cabs.  We deprive their countries of their skills and have them do the work that most Canadians refuse to do instead.  It is disrespectful to our immigrants and unethical to their countrymen, and leads to legitimate grievances and difficulty in adjusting to Canada.

Canada’s immigration policy needs to be coordinated with provincial professional associations so that skilled immigrants have a streamlined and expeditious path to having their foreign credentials recognized and appropriately upgraded for Canada as needed.  And if what we really need is painters and plumbers, then Canada needs to adjust immigration criteria to reflect that reality.

Canada needs a fair immigration policy.

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