It’s confirmed: Canadians want May to debate

A Nanos poll conducted for the Globe and Mail confirms what was obvious to pretty much everyone: Canadians want Elizabeth May in the debate even if they don’t support the Green Party.

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  1. John Richardson writes:

    The Green Party is the only party where the individual candidates matter. I have been very impressed with the quality of many of the Green Party Candidates. Because the Greens are not the Conservatives, Liberals or NDP and because they have recruited good candidates, they will continue to do better and better. In the 2008 election, in Toronto Danforth, the Green Party candidate did better than the Conservative candidate placing third behind the NDP (Jack Layton) and the Liberal candidate. This year, in Toronto Danforth, the Green Party is well organized and has a superb candidate in Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu. For the Greens this is good news and bad news:

    The Good News – This is a riding where the Greens could make a significant breakthrough.

    The Bad News – The significant breakthrough means that the best she can do is place second. That said, a second place finish for the Greens in Toronto Danforth is possible and a huge victory.

    John Richardson – Toronto Danforth Resident

    This is an excerpt from a more general article which can be accessed at:

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