Fair Vote Canada Annual Meeting

Fair Vote Canada - Représentation équitable au CanadaFair Vote Canada is hosting their 7th annual meeting and conference on the Ryerson University campus in Downtown Toronto. Speakers include the Beaches-East York GPO candidate Caroline Law, as well as other politicians and experts on voting systems from Canada and overseas.

Both the Green Party of Canada and the Green Party of Ontario have been committed to democracy and fair voting practices since their inception, and the GPO strongly supported Fair Vote efforts during the October ’07 Referendum on changing Ontario’s voting system. Although the results were very close, the referendum was defeated and the province, as well as the country is still operating under an archaic system that allows for most votes to be wasted.

Visit the Fair Vote Canada website to find out more about their efforts, or to register for the conference.

Fair Vote Canada 7th Annual Meeting and Conference
Saturday, May 31, 2008, 8:30 am
Ryerson University, Rogers Communications Centre, Room RCC204
80 Gould Street (NE corner of Church and Gould)
Register Here

Other speakers include Andrew Coyne, national editor of Maclean’s Magazine, Olivia Chow, MP NDP, Martha Hall Findley, MP Liberal Party, and Prof Lawrence Leduc, author of Politics of Direct Democracy: Referendums in Global Perspective.

2 responses to “Fair Vote Canada Annual Meeting”

  1. ralph adams writes:

    hi,in your fair vote events page,you have friday the 31st of may,also you have saturday 31st of may . .. .? ? ?

  2. Charlie Halpern-Hamu writes:

    There are two events, both on Saturday the 31st. There’s a bug in our event system that means if you don’t put a start time, the weekday is displayed incorrectly. Thanks for catching that.

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