2007 Oct 15: Federal nomination meeting

Elizabeth May will be on hand when we pick our new Federal Green Party candidate in Toronto-Danforth.

Toronto-Danforth GPC nomination meeting
Monday, 2007 October 15, 6 pm
Ralph Thornton Centre, 765 Queen St E

(just east of Broadview)

We are once again looking for candidates. Several potentials have expressed an interest. Two of them, Mike McLean and Raymond Scholz, have sent in their bios and pictures.

Any and all other potential candidates are encouraged to send their information along for posting as well.

One response to “Federal nomination meeting”

  1. Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu writes:

    The meeting is open to all.

    Only people who have been GPC members for 60 days, and currently living in Toronto-Danforth are eligible to vote. Lapsed members can renew their memberships at the meeting and vote.

    The executive will be providing refreshments. If you have something you’d like to contribute, we would all enjoy it. Think of something homemade, or something organic, or something vegetarian, or something locally grown or prepared, or something out of your own garden, or something of your cultural background, or something with healthful properties. Or all of the above.

    Elizabeth May was going to attend this meeting. Elizabeth is recuperating from hip surgery. I am told she is being restrained from attending all the events she signed up for. So she may or may not be there. Her health needs to be the priority here.

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