Mike McLean, nomination contestant

Mike McLeanMike McLean is one of several people who expect to be contesting the Federal Green Party nomination in Toronto-Danforth. Here is the bio he’s supplied:

Mike McLean is a graphic designer and a small business owner. Born and raised in Princeton, British Columbia, in the southern interior of the province, his father ran a small business and also spent four terms as a councillor and three terms as mayor. Earlier this year, Mike and his father helped to successfully put a stop to coal-fired power in BC through a grassroots community effort.

Mike has been a member of the Green Party of Canada since 2004 and in 2005, he ran for the Green Party of BC, earning over 9% of the vote in his riding. In the fall of 2005, he moved to Toronto and was quickly elected as the President of the Green Party of Ontario’s Toronto Centre Constituency Association.

Currently, Mike is serving his first term as the Toronto Regional Representative on the Green Party of Ontario’s Provincial Executive and was recently nominated as the party’s candidate in the riding of Toronto Centre. In his professional life, Mike owns and operates a carbon-neutral graphic design company that is dedicated to ethical and sustainable business practices.

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