2008 Oct 22: Five things you can do for your river

RiverSides icon - an abstract dancing raindrop figureWednesday, 2008 Oct 22, 6 pm – 8 pm
Bain Co-op Community Centre
100 Bain Ave
Free! Refreshments served.

Learn about what you can do at home and in your community to prevent stormwater pollution of our urban rivers. Also, find out about Riverdale’s buried creeks; they may be in your basement! Learn about de-icing salt and its threats to rivers, plants and trees. Also get a steep discount on a rain barrel.

For more information visit www.riversides.org, email info@riversides.org or call 416-868-1983.

* This workshop is made possible by the Community Program for Stormwater Management, funded by the City of Toronto and administered by Toronto and Region Conservation.

* Rain barrel subsidy made possible thanks to a grant from the Helen McCrea Peacock Foundation.

One response to “Five things you can do for your river”

  1. ralph adams writes:

    in the matter of storm water pollution . .one of the biggest culprits in my opinion is the good but ill informed citizens of toronto who insist on having a concrete or asphalt paved driveway . .which funnels all the storm water into the streets of toronto,thence into lake ontario .. ..instead of diverting it to gardens,lawns,trees,etc. . .the paved driveway may be pretty to look at,but deadly to the environment….also it uses up scarce and polluting crude oil to make up the pavement.

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