Salmon in the Don again

Yesterday, I went to the Port Lands Action Committee (PLAC) meeting at the Ralph Thornton CentreEd Chin was there, too.  It’s a bit of a misnomer, as no actions are ever taken, as far as I know.  In order to encourage the participation and input of industry and builders, organizer Dennis Findlay treats these meetings as information sessions.  It’s a great place to go to find out what’s being built and planned for the Portlands.

Yesterday’s meeting dealt with street improvement plans for the base of Leslie Street and a host of little news items, like the failure of the bailey bridge at Unwin last Saturday, and planned closure of a section of the Martin Goodman trail in January while soil remediation is performed underneath for continuity with the temporary sportsfields to be built alongside.  I reported on TEC news, which is dismal these days.

But the most exciting part of the evening to me was the report from people who had participated in the Don mouth/Portlands tours on Saturday, that I had not even announced because I was so busy with last minute organizing of the Pledge TO Green event, scheduled for the same day and almost exactly the same time.  The news was that they had a tankfull of fish caught in the Don, and amongst them were two healthy salmon.  So there is faint hope for our rivers yet.

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