Health concerns about the Portlands power plant

There are serious environmental and health concerns related to the Portlands power plant. As part of my work for TEC (Toronto Energy Coalition, the citizen’s group working to stop the Portlands plant), I wrote a letter and sent it to Minister Broten, outlining these concerns, and requesting that the plant be elevated to a full Environmental Assessment. I also wrote a simpler version, which TEC is urging citizens to copy and send to the Minister as well.

A couple of days ago, I received a response from the Minister’s office, denying my request because “There are no provisions…to allow the Minister to reconsider her decision”.

So what we are being told is that no matter what new material facts come to light, no matter what concerns arise, once the Environment Ministry makes a decision, it is carved in stone. If they authorize a nuclear plant on a faultline, it must proceed.

Elizabeth May just stated the following:

There are serious concerns about the effects of the Portlands Energy Centre on the health of Toronto’s residents. There should be a full Environmental Assessment performed on the plant. In fact, all power plants should be subjected to full Environmental Assessments.

I’m so proud to be involved with the Green Party.

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