2006 Sep 6: Portlands Energy Centre public meeting

While the Portlands Energy Centre has not had a full environmental assessment, it turns out that building the gas pipeline to supply the power plant may require more public consultation than the plant itself.

This is Ontario, where you need an EA for a speed bump, but not for a nuclear power plant.  Your government, at work for you.

So this is a public meeting to discuss the impacts of the pipeline.  Let’s get a crowd out there. Get enraged.  As this is one of the only meetings that actually involves a public consultation, it is imperative that we make a scene.  Call any friends you have who might be interested.  Let’s show some real opposition if we want to kill this plant.

Portlands Energy Centre Public Meeting.
Wednesday, 2006 September 6 at 6pm.
Matty Eckler Community Centre, 953 Gerrard St East
(at Pape, opposite Gerrard Square).  Free.

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