Green Party at 18% and rising in Ontario

Green graphThe Green Party’s momentum continues to build right across Canada and here in Toronto-Danforth. The latest poll from Harris-Decima Research for the Globe and Mail put the Green Party at 18% in Ontario and 13% across Canada. The next election will see Green Party seats in the House of Commons. In fact if past trends hold for Toronto-Danforth (thanks to all of you we are one of the strongest Green Party Ridings in Ontario!), we could be at 25% support already and growing. This puts us within easy striking distance of an election win.

Your neighbors are joining you in support of a new kind of politics for Canada – where politicians put the needs of Canadians ahead of the needs of their party. Where members from all political parties work together in a collaborative environment to solve the real problems of Canadians. Sadly, the old-line parties aren’t interested in working co-operatively with the Green Party. The Conservatives and NDP are actively lobbying the television networks to exclude Green Party leader Elizabeth May from televised leaders debates in the next election and yet we are now the 3rd strongest party in Canada (ahead of the Bloc and NDP). Meanwhile, 77% of Canadians stated that they want Elizabeth May in the debates so they can judge the woman, the party and its policies for themselves.

You can help change their mind. Your voice is important and will count — if you use it. If you haven’t already done so, please go to to sign the petition, which will be delivered to the broadcast executives who will make the decision. Please encourage everyone you know who cares about the state of democracy in Canada to do so as well.

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